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What To Expect From a Recovery House/Sober Living Home

A Recovery house is a tool used to step down from inpatient treatment into the real world.

Do you know what to expect in a Recovery House / Sober Living Home?

What is a Recovery House / Sober Living home? A Recovery house is a tool used to step down from inpatient treatment into the real world. Immediately jumping back into everyday life after completing a 30 day treatment could seem like an almost impossible task to many addicts. Recovery Houses help make that transition into everyday life easier, placing you into a living situation with other individuals with the same goal in mind as you, maintaining sobriety. This creates an environment of stability, accountability, and mutual growth where residents can encourage one another, while the managers continue to instill living tools and maintain a solid structure in the house.

For many, Recovery Houses / Sober living homes are the ideal option, reducing the anxiety that comes along with returning to a potential triggering environment. While a Recovery House does not provide the clinical care that an inpatient facility can, it creates extra accountability for the individual while they may be attending an outpatient treatment program and also while regaining a handle on real life situations.

What is a Recovery House / Sober Living Home? What Does it Offer Me?

In addition to promoting a stronger foundation of recovery, a quality recovery house will help provide their residents with resources to help them become acclimated to normal everyday life once again.

Some of these resources may include:

  • Job Search Assistance
  • After Sober Living Housing Assistance
  • Help Adjust to Living in New and Uncomfortable Environments
  • Help Creating a Relapse Prevention Plan
  • Application for Food Stamps
  • Resume building
  • Assist in job search
  • Transportation to AA/NA meetings
  • Provide a guide to all local resources

What the best recovery house / sober living homes can offer is acclimation, a step toward living life on life’s terms, free from the bondage of drugs and alcohol. Perhaps the biggest benefit of a sober living home is the chance to create positive and strong relationships with other addicts in recovery. These relationships allow the individual to bond over a mutual goal of abstaining from drugs and alcohol while creating a better life moving forward.

The option to join a recovery house / sober living home provides individuals with useful tools and resources to help secure their sobriety. Although many who attend inpatient treatment decide not to move into a recovery house, we highly recommend transitional living as it is proven to increase individual’s odds of staying sober. Recovery houses / Sober Homes give individuals in recovery the opportunity to continue building a foundation for their sobriety as well as tools and coping mechanisms to deal with day to day living.

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