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Our main objective at Philadelphia Recovery Residences is to help those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction to recover. A sober living environment at a Philadelphia recovery house allows individuals to develop the necessary tools and skills they need to build a foundation for long term recovery. Abstaining from drugs and alcohol is only the beginning. Many significant changes in all aspects of an individual's life are required in order to maintain long term sobriety. In this atmosphere of structure and support, you are able to escape from the grips of addiction and alcoholism. Your perception of yourself and on life will change drastically and you will be able to find new purpose in life.

Philadelphia Recovery House

Before entering our house.

Prior to entering Philadelphia Recovery Residences, we require the individual to be abstinent from all mind or mood altering substances. However, if you are currently in active addiction we can help you. We work with many different treatment facilities, and can assist in finding you the best treatment center to suit your individualized needs. 

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