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House Rules

At Philadelphia Recovery Residences we are committed to providing a safe and structured sober living environment to help men transition to a healthy, and productive life.

Resident Expectations

  • Must remain abstinent from any mood or mind-altering substances to remain a resident in Philadelphia Recovery Residences.
  • Agree to take random urine tests. If test comes up positive, it will result in immediate discharge from the property. Refusing a drug test will also result in asking to leave the property.
  • Required to attend a 12-step fellowship of their choice.
  • Required to attend 5 meetings per week at their 12-step fellowship.
  • Obtain a sponsor at their 12-step meetings and work the steps.
  • Respect the rights, views and property of other house members.
  • Will be expected to complete their weekly chores and to keep their personal space such as their beds, dressers and closets clean.
  • Will be expected to seek/obtain a job within the first 30 days of living at Philadelphia Recovery Residences.
  • Residents will be expected to pay weekly house fees.
  • Agree to take prescription medications as prescribed and to keep prescriptions out of reach of other residents.
  • Agree to not allow or to carry any firearms, knives, weapons, etc. in your room or any place on or around Philadelphia Recovery Residences property.

House Rules

  • No mood or mind-altering substances are allowed on property.
  • No women are allowed on property.
  • No weapons, knives, etc. allowed on property.
  • No smoking in the house.
  • No stealing. This is old, unhealthy behavior and will not be tolerated.
  • No negative contracts.
  • No sexual relations in the house or on property will be tolerated.
  • No violence to self or others will be tolerated.
  • Manager must be made aware of all visitors.
  • Must always be on time for curfew.
  • MANDATORY house meeting every Thursday at 9:00 PM.
  • Must complete your weekly chore assigned to you. Also, maintain your room. There will be clean checks.
  • Front door must be locked and lights / TV off when you leave the house.
  • We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items and we do not recommend you bring anything of value into the house.
  • If there is an Emergency, call 911, and then notify management as soon as possible.

* Not following any of these rules will result in consequences and may lead to discharge from Philadelphia Recovery Residences.

Program Structure

The Phase System is based on a residents progress rather than their overall length of time at the house.

Phase I

  • Curfew: 10 PM Sunday – Thursday, 11:30 on Weekends
  • Needs to Get a Sponsor
  • Needs To Get a Homegroup
  • Must be Seeking employment
  • must be attending at least 4 meetings per week.

Phase II


  • Curfew: 11:30 PM Sunday – Thursday, 1:00 AM on Weekends
  • Must Have a Sponsor
  • Must Have a Homegroup
  • Must be Working
  • must be attending Meetings

Phase III

  • Curfew: 1:00 aM Sunday – Thursday, 1:00 AM on Weekends
  • Consistently Working With Sponsor
  • Holding Full-Time Employment
  • Consistently attending Meetings

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