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Is Addiction a Disease?

The answer to this question is yes, although many people have their own opinions about addiction,

The answer to this question is yes, and although many people have their own opinions about addiction, there has been scientific evidence to support that it’s a disease of the brain. Addiction, like many other diseases are influenced by genetics, environment, and biological factors. Our brains simply function differently than others due to our genetic makeup. When we feed our brains with drugs it actually changes the structure of the reward pathways, leading addicts to indulge in risky behavior to obtain a constant euphoria of pleasure. The behaviors of obsession and compulsion live deep within the mind of an addict and ultimately end with negative consequences that are detrimental to themselves and everyone around them. Drug use becomes involuntary to addicts and the only solution is to keep feeding the disease to death.

Some also believe that addiction is a choice and not necessarily a disease. My question to them is how many kids do you know that raised their hand in 2nd grade and have said “hey I want to be a drug addict when I grow up”, zero! Do you think anyone wants to be an addict?  It’s not a choice it’s a disease of the mind that consumes and controls you.  There are many people all over the world who try drugs in their teen years and leave them behind to pursue a life of success. Addicts simply do not have that option and remain living a purposeless life filled with degradation and disappointment.  Addiction is a disease that is treatable but we have to be diligent in our recovery to succeed. Just like any other disease the treatment is ongoing and involves our mental and physical health. To correct the dysfunction in our thinking we must accept our shortcomings and seek support through other recovering addicts.  People are dying every minute from addiction and families are begging for help. So before you voice your opinions on the debate of addiction being a disease ask yourself if it causing more harm?

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