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Tips To Staying Sober During a Pandemic

Tips to Staying Sober During a Pandemic We are in very uncertain times right now, and maintaining sobriety may be a challenge.

Tips to Staying Sober During a Pandemic

We are in very uncertain times right now, and maintaining sobriety may be challenging but it is not impossible. There are things we can do to keep our sobriety intact while living in a recovery house or at home with your family. Below are some tips to help you stay sober during a pandemic.

  1. Stay connected. Staying connected in a time when in person connection is essentially impossible may sound silly, but it is certainly achievable. Call your support network, stay in touch with someone you look up to in sobriety, whether it is your sponsor or someone else. Technology is so advanced, and whether we realize it or not we are lucky to have it. There are many ways to stay connected during a pandemic, including video chat, texting, and an old fashioned phone call. Reach out during times you are feeling low. These things will help you stay plugged in so you are not out of the loop once this passes.
  2. Read recovery literature. Reading recovery literature is a way to stay close to the fellowship of your choice. Self help books can be extremely useful in finding ways to maintain balance in your life during an unbalanced time. It is always nice to add new tools to the tool box, and sharpen up the ones we already have.
  3. Maintain medication compliancy. If you are on medication assisted treatment or any psychiatric medications, it is important always to be sure to take them as prescribed and not miss doses. Medications can assist people in maintaining long term sobriety.
  4. Utilize online platforms for support groups. No one loves change, but in a time like we are in right now, change is something we have no choice but to adjust to. Online support groups happen every hour on the hour, and it is a way to connect with new people from across the world who are on the same journey as you are. It may be uncomfortable at first, but it gets more comfortable as you engage in it, like anything else.
  5. Try and pick up a new hobby. Whether it is hiking, reading, running, cooking, try something you have never done before or haven’t done in a long time. Think back to when you were a child, and what you enjoyed doing. Try and channel your inner child and remember the hobbies you enjoyed then. You’d be surprised what you will find out about yourself.
  6. Explore nature. You would be surprised what some sunlight can do for you. Do not allow yourself to sink into isolation patterns of staying inside all day. Take a walk, go to a local park, and enjoy the scenery.
  7. Check in on your friends. Your friends who are in recovery are often experiencing the same struggles you are. Give them a call, or shoot them a text. Bounce ideas off of each other as to how you can further connect with yourself and your sobriety. Helping someone is our primary purpose!

Remember, sobriety must come first. Anything we put after our sobriety, we are guaranteed to lose. If you are struggling with staying sober during this pandemic, Philadelphia Recovery Residence is here to help. Call or text anytime 215-792-3299.

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