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The Benefits of having a Recovery House in Your Community

Over the past few decades there has been a substantial increase in the number of recovery houses in residential neighborhoods. What are the benefits?

The Benefits of Recovery Houses in your community.

Over the past few decades there has been a substantial increase in the number of recovery houses in residential neighborhoods. Although we may see these homes and organizations popping up around us, most members of the community do not fully understand the purpose that these homes serve.

Sober Living Homes / Recovery Houses are structured places for addicts and alcoholics to live once they have successfully completed inpatient rehabilitation. For the majority of the individuals who have completed their stay at a treatment center, the sad and harsh reality is that they do not have a safe place to return to and call home. This is now one of the most challenging and fragile points in an addict’s life, and unfortunately they are forced back to the street and unable to continue on their road to recovery.

In order to fight the stigma and provide safe and structured housing for individuals trying to save and change their lives for the better, sober living homes / recovery houses are the answer. Recovery houses provide these vulnerable individuals with all of the necessary tools to keep fighting for a healthier life. Once in the houses, individuals must follow strict rules and work together with the strong support system made up of other individuals striving for the same goal as well as those who have successfully obtained sobriety. The houses are a place for those in recovery to work towards becoming productive members of society while maintaining sobriety.

Gaining Productive Community Members

Arguably the most beneficial reason to having a recovery house in a community is that the neighborhood is gaining new contributing members.  Recovery houses have certain requirements and responsibilities in order for the residents to live in the house.

Some of the key requirements of the residents are:

  • Must strive to further their education and enroll in school
  • Maintain a job
  • Volunteer in the community on a regular basis
  • Remain fully abstinent of all mind or mood altering substances
  • Attend daily AA meeting
  • Obtain a sponsor and work a program of recovery

These are only a few examples of the requirements of residents in a recovery house. By abiding by these requirements, individuals in recovery are able to find their place in the community, devoting themselves to something on a larger scale.

Increase Sobriety, Decrease Addiction

While recovering addicts are living in a recovery house, the likelihood that they continue to stay sober increases significantly. Sober Living Homes / Recover Houses require their residents to subject to random drug tests and breathalyzers, keeping residents accountable for their actions.

What does this mean for the communities that these recovering addicts and alcoholics reside?

With fewer individuals addicted to drugs and alcohol who are continuing to use, the rate of incidence begins to decrease. The higher the population of addicts who are in recovery means that there is less drug use and alcohol abuse in the community, making the area a safer, and much more comfortable place for everyone.

Communities of Compassion

A major benefit that is often and almost always overlooked when a recovery house opens in a community is the positive impact that it will have on the people within that neighborhood and community. Building relationships and having a connection to individuals whose story is different from the “norm” helps everyone gain an understanding of a different perspective, and allows people to open their mind.

When a community is able to come together and rally behind the well-being of others, great things begin to happen, not just for the recovering addicts with their newly formed support system, but for those who are supporting the recovering addict as well.

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