Staying Sober Through The Holidays

The holiday season is a time of giving and thanks, service and gratitude and above all time spent with family and friends. If you are fortunate enough to have made it past Halloween with only a candy hang over, we can now move onto Thanksgiving. The holiday season in general can be a stressful or triggering time for those who are attempting to get clean and sober. Philadelphia is great place to be during the holidays. The air is crisp, the days are short which allows for Christmas lights to go on sooner, people attempt to be more cheerful and above all we have turkey on Thursday followed by God and the Eagles every Sunday. A Philadelphia Recovery House is the place to be during the holiday season. It is a place that celebrates recovery and celebrates the holiday season. Whether you’re in the holiday spirit or not Philadelphia Recovery Residence is here to help you give an extra thanks this holiday season.

If you are fortunate enough that your family wants you to be around this holiday season, you should take advantage of it. There are a lot of people in recovery who pray for the chance to get back into their families’ lives. If you are having a hard time finding things to be grateful for, Philadelphia Recovery Residences has compiled a list of things to give thanks for.


Whenever I am having a hard time finding things to be grateful for, I stick with the basics. Do you have a roof over your head? Was there a time in your addiction where you didn’t have a roof over your head? There are people right now, right this very second who are spending a very cold night on the streets because they are a slave to their addiction. You might struggle with gratitude because you’re still in a sober home, but I am here to tell you spending a night in a Philadelphia Recovery House is better then a night on the streets.


Being clean and sober seems to be one that is overlooked a lot. If you are fortunate enough to be someone living in recovery, then you are fortunate enough to be someone who is not dead as a result of this disease. Think about how difficult the holidays can be for people who lost a loved one to the disease. Your family is not one of those families this holiday season. Remain in gratitude for them.

Family and Friends

Regardless of the relationship with your family, they are the ones who have loved you and who have stuck by you in probably some of your worst moments. Don’t dismiss their feelings this holiday season, show them you’re grateful for them. For those of you who may not have family, finding friends in the program is all you will need to feel loved. They will truly love you until you can love yourself.

Remembering to be grateful is important but also remembering to protect yourself and your sobriety is the main challenge of the holiday season. If you are newly clean and sober here are a few tips to make it through Thanksgiving.

Go home!

And by home, I mean wherever home is, especially if home is currently a sober house like Philadelphia Recovery Residences. Making plans for sleeping out can put you in a bad situation. Go have dinner with you family, enjoy your friends, but then go home.

Have a plan.

Make sure if you are worried about making it through Thanksgiving you have a plan. Have someone in your network on call in case you need to use them. Have a plan for what you are going to say when Aunt Terri offers you a drink for the 12th time because she doesn’t understand recovery. Make sure you have a time you are leaving. Insist on making a certain train or bus back to your recovery residence so you have an exit plan.

Focus on the kids.

If you have kids, the holidays are about them. If you don’t have children find a little cousin or a younger sibling at the dinner table. It’s much easier to have fun and see the spirit of the holidays through the innocent eyes of children. Plus, a lot of times they are easier to talk to then the adults.

Make sure you hit a meeting.

Thanksgiving is no excuse to miss a meeting. Make sure you hit a meeting in the morning before you go have dinner or have a plan in mind for after dinner. Dealing with family can be stressful, being in the right frame of mind going into it or finishing off the day with a meeting might be imperative.

The holidays can be a special time for people who are in recovery. It can be a time for remembering to be grateful and seeing the magic of the season through a new sober set of glasses at a Philadelphia Recovery House. Remember the basics and remember to keep your recover first while identifying how to be of service and an active member of your family again. Happy Turkey Day!

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