Safe Injection Sites in Philadelphia

Safe Injection Sites in Philadelphia

The opioid epidemic has been declared a national emergency and cities all over the world are implementing life saving measures to keep individuals alive.  To combat this crisis, cities in many countries have been experimenting with safe injection sites, where addicts can use drugs safely. Philadelphia is one of the largest cities poisoned with drugs and overdoses. Therefore, it’s no surprise that legislators are pushing towards placing safe injection sites in Philadelphia neighborhoods where drugs are most prevalent. These discussions have residents of the communities questioning the purpose of these sites and what they will prevent. Most residents are fearful of what may happen if society allows addicts to use in a controlled environment. I can certainly see why people feel this way because most of us tend to focus on the negative outcomes rather than the positive. Evidence has shown that safe injection sites are saving lives and overdoses have begun to decline. Safe injection sites provide a place where addicts can receive care from medical staff, obtain clean supplies, test the purity of their drugs, and have a safe place to stay. The communities will no longer be filled with drug paraphernalia and addicts will not be overdosing in the streets. Safe injection sites have also reduced the amount of blood borne illnesses that are acquired from sharing needles. Emergency rooms and first responders have seen a drastic decline in the number of people overdosing since the safe injection sites have been in place. I feel that having a large number of using addicts in one place can also be an opportunity to share information about seeking treatment. I think addicts would be more receptive to recovery when they are in a safe and trusting environment. Safe injection sites in Philadelphia may cause controversy for some, but to others it creates opportunities for recovery.

Safe Injection sites in Philadelphia

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