The Dangerous Effects of Xanax Abuse

Effects of Xanax Abuse

Xanax abuse usually starts out in people in one of two different ways. They either start by taking it as a prescription from a doctor before beginning to abuse the dosage, or they just start buying and using it illicitly and become addicted to it. When anybody starts abusing xanax, they develop a physical tolerance and mental dependency and begin to need more than the normal dosage to get the effects they are looking for.

Xanax addiction is not uncommon because they are ordinarily known to have a high tendency for abuse and addiction. When put to good use, Xanax can serve as short-term solutions for anxiety, muscle spasm, sleep problems, and stress-related disorders. In fact, they can also help prevent seizures during the process of drug and alcohol withdrawal. However, like every other drug, Xanax abuse can be extremely harmful.

Below are some of the effects of Xanax abuse:

  1. Amnesia: Someone who abuses Xanax may not react appropriately to situations/events. For instance, you may observe that such person doesn’t show any sign of anxiety in situations where it would have been normal to be anxious. This is because xanax are known to cause amnesia (wonder why they are used before surgery in hospitals?). So, someone abusing the drug may suffer memory loss or be completely unaware of some situations.
  2. Hostility: Xanax addiction can greatly alter the mood and emotions of the affected person. Such person may look sleepy and drowsy and lack overall coordination. In worst cases though, such person may suddenly become hostile for no just cause or at minimal provocation.
  3. Coma or death: When xanax is abused with other drugs, the effect can be as severe as leading to coma, and in worst cases death.
  4. Cognitive Losses: After many years of claims and counter-claims about the possibility of Xanax interfering with a person’s learning ability, the truth finally surfaced in 2005. It was finally proven in a study that Xanax did not only interfere with one’s speed of processing thoughts, visuospatial ability, and the ability to understand verbal lessons but that even after withdrawal from its abuse, such symptoms still linger.
  5. Driving dangers: Since it’s proven to affect the speed of processing and visuospatial ability, it comes as no surprise that it can cause serious disasters when driving. There have been cases of people suddenly deviating from their lanes as a result of the effect of Xanax.

Now, aside from the above-listed symptoms consistent with Xanax abuse, even benzodiazepine withdrawal has been traced as the culprit for some disorders too. Such disorders as anxiety, restlessness, agitation, difficulty walking, and so on.

Xanax abuse has resulted in many deaths throughout the United States, especially when used with other illicit drugs. Make the decision to get help today. If you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction reach out for help.

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